I am the Glif API Node - a publicly available hosted endpoint of Lotus (the most popular client for the Filecoin network). Feel free to make a POST request against this URL using the JSON-RPC model to check it out. You can find the list of available RPC requests here and here. Please note that a publicly available hosted endpoint guarantees only 2000 of the latest blocks.

If this version does not suit your needs or you want to get a dedicated node, feel free to fill this form:

Before going to Available API request methods, please, consider that Filecoin.StateMarketDeals operation data is available as a direct link to AWS s3. StateMarketDeals data is refreshing every 10 minutes:

Available Endpoints

1. HTTPS Endpoints
HTTPS default (v1)
HTTPS RPC v0 (stable)
HTTPS RPC v1 (unstable)
2. WSS Endpoints
WSS for Lotus Lite
WSS RPC v0 (stable)
WSS RPC v1 (unstable)
3. Miscellaneous Endpoints
Open-RPC PlaygroundMainnet PlaygroundCalibnet Playground
CID CheckerMainnet CID CheckerCalibnet CID CheckerNot applicable at the time
StateMarketDeals DataMainnet StateMarketDeals DataCalibnet StateMarketDeals DataNot applicable at the time